Queen Bees

We have been producing queen bees since 2008. We are using our survivor stock with desirable traits to graft for our queen bees. The traits we are concentrating on are early build up, strong honey producer and most importantly, survival (over-wintering). The colonies we have been grafting from have survived 7-8 seasons with natural re queening (supersedure). 

Here are queen cells ready to be installed into mating nucs. All of our nucleus colonies have our northern breed queens. We are interested in anyone who raises queens in New England area and would like to trade queens or nucs with their local breed queens. 

Call us at (978) 535-1622. If you are a local beekeeper who is interested in a class on queen rearing . We will be holding classes this summer. Check for dates on the education page in the spring. There is a limited number for the queen rearing class. If you are interested email joegaglione@crystalbeesupply.com to reserve your spot.

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