APIGUARD- 2 for $9 or $5.00 each
APIGUARD- 2 for $9 or $5.00 each
Apiguard® is a natural product specifically designed for use in beehives. It is a sophisticated slow release gel matrix, ensuring correct dosage of the active ingredient thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme. It has a proven high efficacy against the varroa mite and active against tracheal mites.
.5g $21.95
2g $43.75
Fumagilin-B is the only drug that is effective against Nosema disease, which stresses overwintered colonies and reduces honey prodution. Due to Nosema apis and N. Ceranae infestations we strongly recommend feeding Fumigilin-B in late Fall and early Spring to all of your colonies. Feed 2 gallons of syrup in the Fall and 1 gallon in the Spring. 1/2 gram container makes approximately 5-6 gallons.
This feeding stimulant contains 100% pure essential oils and is used in spring and winter to stimulate the immune system. Prevents mold and fungus in sugar syrups, calms bees when used as a spray, allows direct queen release when sprayed on bees, builds colonies when fed during dearth of nectar and more.
Just add a teaspoon of this concentrate to sugar syrup feedings. Contains spearmint and lemongrass oil.

Pre mix TERRAMYCIN   $7.00
Pre mix TERRAMYCIN $7.00
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