Crystal Bee supply has been supplying 3lb bee packages for over 30 years. The bees are from Northern California from Oliver's Apiaries.   The bee packages will be shipped here on 3 dates during the month of April 2018. The Bee Package pick up dates are scheduled for April 7th & 8th, April 14th & 15th and April 21st & 22nd.  The 3lb bee packages are $150.00. All packages are to be picked up at Crystal Bee Supply at 18 Lake St. in Peabody unless arrangements were made thru Crystal Bee.                                                            Come to our store or mail check to : Crystal Bee Supply      12 Elginwood Rd.    Peabody, Ma. 01960

Any questions call 978 535 1622


Bee pick up dates will be specified on receipt upon payment.                                                           IMPORTANT: Dates are subject change. Please check our website for bees  shipment arrival or call   978 535 1622 with any questions.

 1st shipment April 7 & 8      : ​ SOLD OUT

  2nd shipment April 14 & 15  : ​SOLD OUT 

   3rd shipment April 21 & 22  :      Available      


Italian Queens $35 Available after 4/7 

Call 978 535 1622 to order queens in advance.


The 2018 nucs are $195. Nucs are 5 deep frames and come in the jester EZ nuc. 

The nucs will be available in mid to late May and pick up dates will be posted.  Call with any question or to order 978 535 1622.  NUCS are ​SOLD OUT.