Bee hive in a few feet of snow.
       Crystal Bee Supply is a family owned and run business located in Peabody, Massachusetts. It all started back in 1984. Jan Gaglione signed Vin up for the  the Essex County bee school. He started with one hive. Within a few years, he had  been bitten by the beekeeping bug and had over 50 hives at several apiaries. He started selling his honey under the name Essex County Honey Company. Then in 1993, Vin and Jan opened Crystal Bee Supply. They run the store and with their son Joe and grand daughter Lily and maintain up to 200 hives, sell packages of bees, raise queens, make nucs and pollinate local farms. All three are experienced beekeepers who can help answer beekeeping questions while you are at the store. Lily has only been helping for a couple years. She loves using the smoker. But she's still learning. Vin and Jan have traveled around the world over the years working with bees every step of the way. They believe you should never stop your beekeeping education. Vin and Joe are currently teaching beekeeping at Crystal Bee Supply, North Shore Community College and volunteer at the Essex County Beekeepers Association bee school. 
   Crystal Bee Supply is an authorized Brushy Mountain and Mann Lake dealer. We also carry wood products from Humble Abode and the worlds best extractors from Maxant Industries. Crystal Bee Supply is the store for all your beekeeping needs. We also jar honey to order and also have comb and creamed honey.
9pm. The subject matter is anything bees. Next months topics is goin1622.
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